‘I'm still heartbroken’ Jarrod speaks out after Bachelorette rejection

Bianca Soldani

He was left devastated on the sand bank after Sophie Monk said she didn’t return his deep love for her.

But despite having his heart shattered on national television, Bachelorette runner-up Jarrod Woodgate is being the perfect gentleman.

Refusing to speak badly of Sophie, 31-year-old Jarrod told KIISFM Sydney's Kyle and Jackie O on Friday that he's 'still heartbroken;.

Jarrod has spoken out after his devastating finale. Photo: Ten

"It's still fresh," he said, "[The finale was] two months ago and I’m still heartbroken."

"I'm still hung up on Sophie, I was 110% confident we were going to be walking off together."

Jarrod added that he was also convinced that Sophie reciprocated his feelings when "she said she has a place in her heart for me".

When pressed by radio shock jock Kyle Sandilands, Jarrod confessed that he would be happy to get back together with Sophie if things go south for her and Bachelorette winner Stu Laundy.

"If she wanted to try again I would definitely give it a go," he said, "If things didn’t work out, and I really hope they do, I’d be there for Sophie as a friend... but at the moment I'm just wishing them all the best."

Jarrod broke down when Sophie shattered his heart. Photo: Ten

The wine-maker was just as gracious on Instagram where he focused on the positives of his reality TV journey.

“Coming into this I never thought I'd have the opportunity to get to know such a warm hearted, down to earth, hilarious woman let alone fall in love with her,” Jarrod wrote alongside a smiling photo of himself.

“This journey has been the most challenging & exciting in my life so far. Through all the highs & lows all I wanted was to be true to myself.”

Although it ended in heartbreak for him, Jarrod still believes that falling in love is an incredible experience.

“My heart will heal & I wouldn't change a single moment,” he said.

“Sophie, thank you. You've helped me to learn so much about myself. Opening up to you & sharing my feelings just felt so natural from our first encounter. I wish you all the happiness in the world, you deserve nothing but love & laughter in your life.”

After jetting of to Fiji for the Bachelorette finale, Sophie told Jarrod; "I entered The Bachelorette because I wanted to meet the man that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with."

"Like, I genuinely, like, wanted someone that was there for me and had my back. And...as soon as I met you, you came out and you intrigued me.

"But I came into this process... just determined to not make the same mistakes I have before... and think with my head. And what I've realised is, with love, you've gotta think with your heart," she said.

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