Sam Frost probes Gaz Beadle on his sex life

Natasha Lee

He's known around the world as a notorious ladies man thanks to his antics on Geordie Shore.

But Bachelorette Sam Frost wasn’t about to let some rumours dictate what she thought of Gaz Beadle.

Sam took a deep dive into Gaz's dating life. Source: Channel Seven

With both celebrities now battling it out on Hell’s Kitchen, the former radio host decided to turn up the heat even further and quiz the father-to-be on his sex life.

“How much sex have you had on that show Gaz,” Sam asked.

When Gaz joked it had been just “one or two times”, fellow Hell’s Kitchen contestant Lincoln Lewis chimed in and said “more like two in five minutes”.

Lincoln was happy to give his two cents. Source: Channel Seven

Sam continued taking the self-confessed ladies man to task and asked what he’d tell his children when they heard about his, ahem, reputation.

“I'd be like "son, sit down, watch them. That's your dad." If it's a daughter, I'd be like, "watch that." So that when a lad comes around and says we're just going to watch a DVD upstairs, your daughter will be like, "no, he's not your friend, he's trying to shag ya," Gaz said referring to footage of him on Geordie Shore.

Gaz has vowed to use his vast sexual expertise to educate his children. Source: Channel Seven

Sam continued asking him if he ever “got embarrassed” before refrring to herself as a "sluzza".

"Sometimes, I think when I have kids, they're going to be like, "oh mum, what did you do? And I was like, "well I was a massive sluzza and dated heaps of dudes. Fantastic." And they'll be like, "oh, is that why you're alone and with your cats now?" Yes."

Sam then joking referred to herself as a 'sluzza'. Source: Channel Seven

It looks like he’ll be having that conversation sooner than expected. Just last week Gaz announced he was going to be a father with his girlfriend Emma McVey.

The adorable photo Gaz used to announce his happy news. Source: Instagram

Good luck, Gaz!

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