How Sophie Monk caught Bardot bandmate stealing

Alicia Vrajlal

Earlier this week former Bardot member Chantelle Barry revealed the real reason she quit the Popstars girl band in 2000 - she stole money from Sophie Monk.

Now Australia's Bachelorette has opened up about what really happened.

Talking on KIIS FM's Kyle and Jackie O show, the 37-year-old said she confronted Chantelle after discovering her money was missing.

Bachelorette star Sophie Monk has spoken about former Bardot bandmate Chantelle Barry who stole money from her. Source: Getty

"We were like on $25 a day so I'm living off that money," Sophie explained, adding, "and I had no money to buy food".

"She collected my money for me and the way we found it was it was in the garbage bin with the Sophie envelope with the money missing."

Sophie added: "It’s funny she’s coming out now saying that though isn’t it?"

Kyle asked Soph if she confronted her at the time, and the TV star and singer responded, "We had to because we also found other stuff [that she stole]".

Chantelle was part of the original Bardot band alongside Sophie as well as Belinda Chapple, Sally Polihronas and Katie Underwood. Source: Popstars

"The funniest thing is I was the only one who wanted to keep her in the band," she then added, explaining she thought Chantelle "was so talented" and "I really liked her", and after all "we all do stupid things".

Earlier this week Chantelle, 37, admitted she stole from Sophie back in the day, and when management found out, she was shown the door with some "hush money" and a promise of a solo contract in the future.

"Sophie left her $100 weekly allowance in an envelope in my bedroom and I intended to return it on the weekend - we had plans to go to a gig together," she told Woman's Day.

"In a moment of stupidity, being a teenager and thinking a pair of shoes was more important than the friendship I had with Sophie, I decided to keep her money for myself."

After it was discovered that Chantelle had stolen from Sophie, she was shown the door and Tiffani Wood was called in to replace her in the band. Source: Getty

Chantelle said Sophie soon found out about it, but was more than happy to forgive her right away.

But the consequences were much bigger, with the media finding out and Chantelle soon encouraged "to sign a release agreement" and leave the group.

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She said she never heard from the band or the record label again, and in 2001 packed her bags and moved to the US in the bid of forging an international showbiz career.

She's gone on to star in popular television dramas 90210 and Entourage, and released two albums.

As for what Sophie's now up to, well the whole of Australia have their eyes on the blonde bombshell as she stars as Australia's third Bachelorette on the Channel Ten reality dating show.

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