EXCLUSIVE: Bachelorette blokes caught flirting at races

Natasha Lee

They’re supposed to be vying for the heart of Sophie Monk on The Bachelorette.

But it seems two suitors, who are still in contention for Sophie’s final rose on the show, have given the game away early after being spotted “flirting” with a number of women at Sydney's Randwick Races over the weekend.

Ryan, Jacqui and Sam at the Randwick Races. Source: Supplied

Fellow racegoer Jacqui Kassulke (who incidentally runs the Bachie for Blokes podcast) told Be that both Ryan and Sam had no problem when it came to making small talk with the ladies.

“They were getting loads of attention,” Jacqui said. “Ryan ended up giving me his number.”

Ryan and Sam on The Bachelorette. Source: Network Ten

Jacqui added that she hasn’t called Ryan, and due to her track record of “being hopeless” when it comes to knowing if guys are hitting on her, she told Be she can’t “tell for sure” if he was “keen or just trying to get on her show”.

“Either way, they were very friendly with a lot of girls,” she said.

She also added that Ryan told her he “didn’t have a problem with a woman swearing” despite the 26-year-old telling Bachelorette Sophie that he doesn’t “like a woman who swears... has a potty mouth”.

Sophie chats to suitor Ryan on the show. Source: Network Ten

The podcast host also added that Sam’s hairline was “fine”, referencing a number of jokes on social media insinuating that Sam wore his hair long because he was losing it.

Jacqui also revealed that the pair “rocked up to the member’s areas without a tie” and were forced to put on “emergency” ones.

Sophie chats to Sam on the show. Source: Network Ten

A photo from the event shows the pair wearing matching pastel blue ties. Ryan’s look appears slightly more conservative than Sam’s, who wore his a crimpled shirt untucked.

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It appears the two men will have to work extra hard to maintain Sophie's attention on the show this week with four intruders set to enter the Bachelorette mansion.

All of the intruders set to appear this week are older than her current suitors.

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