WATCH: Bachelor's Leah topless while whipping man’s butt

Olivia Morris

She's already ruffled feathers on this year’s show and it turns out Bachelor contestant Leah Costa is even more notorious than we ever expected.

Footage has surfaced showing the 24-year-old dressed in heels and a short mini-skirt but without any top or bra whipping an anonymous man’s bare bottom with a belt.

A VERY revealing video of Bachelor contestant Leah has been released. Source: Channel 10
The video shows Leah working as a topless entertainer. Source: Diimex

The reality TV show contestant can be seen giving the man a pretty vigorous whipping while he is surrounded by some mates egging it on.

She definitely gives the guy a good whipping! Source: Diimex

On the premiere of this year’s Bachelor, the contestant greeted Matty J in a very revealing, form fitting black dress with sheer panels which gave the impression that she had gone commando.

Leah seemed to leave an impression on Matty on the show's premiere on Wednesday. Source: Channel 10

The racy video is believed to have been filmed late last year and Leah has since admitted that she worked as a topless entertainer for some time.

She confirmed to she did work “as a lingerie and topless model for some time” and is not “ashamed” of it.

“This was to support myself in the early years of my Bachelor of Architectural Design degree. I am looking forward to finishing my degree this year and forging a successful career in the building/construction industry. My past job is not something that I am ashamed of, nor does it affect my aim to find love,” Leah said in a statement to the outlet.

She has said she is not
Leah said she did it to

Funnily enough Leah’s enemy on the show, Simone Ormesher was also forced to defend herself after it was revealed the 25-year-old worked as a topless waitress as buck’s parties while she was in the first few years of her digital marketing career.

Although Simone has no regrets about her work, she shared a lengthy Facebook post on how the publicity about her past - and having topless photos published in the press - has affected her.

She's one of 22 girls chosen to compete for Matty J's heart. Photo: Facebook
Simone's made it through the first week on the show. Photo: Ten

“When the news first came to light I felt ashamed, embarrassed and just wanted to jump into my bed cry uncontrollably, pull my blankets over my head,” she says.

“I’ve just now come to realise with the help of my friends and family that sometimes we do things in life we are not proud of, and in life you have to do what you have to do to survive! Sometimes you can't let life get you down or crush you, you have to be strong enough to adjust, move on and adapt to your situation.”

Simone now works as in digital markting. Photo: Facebook

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“That's how I Iearnt about perseverance and courage is all about it's also being about to move forward and adapt when life can become difficult,” she wrote on Facebook.

This year’s Bachelor is shaping up to be very juicy indeed!

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