Bad Lip Reading’s hilarious take on the Trump-Kim meeting

Eliza Velk
Junior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

YouTube channel Bad Lip Reading is at it again, and this time with a hilarious take on the meeting that’s made history, between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un.

The historic summit in Singapore aimed to end a tense, decades-old nuclear stand-off between the United States and North Korea, however in this dramatically dumbed down version, we see a more humorous take on what was said between the two leaders.  

Going straight to the momentously long handshake between the two powerful men the voice-over artist had a field day in making a mockery of the sheer awkwardness between them – including that lingering shoulder touch Trump gave Kim Jong-un.

You can just imagine how awkward this moment was after Bad Lip Reading’s version. Source: Youtube/Bad Lip Reading

The clip then cuts the to pair discussing the very important things that important people discuss in front of the press:

“So ah, I’ve read a lot of pages from his diary and I’ve gotta tell you, It’s really funny, he truly still wants to grow up and get in a real rocket ship,” Trump’s dubber is heard saying.

Funnily enough, the camera cuts right back to Kim Jong-un who looks completely mortified and gasps as if Trump were telling the truth.

“He also mentioned that he wants a little German sheep and he intends to name it Glen.” Trump continues, while Kim Jong-un appears to be looking a little red-faced about the admission. 

The camera’s clever cut to Kim Jong-un made it look all the more accurate. Source: Youtube/Bad Lip Reading

In the full video, the pair are then seen walking through a courtyard with Trump making uncomfortable grunts all the while trying to fill the silence with a speech about made-up birds.

“That is the dove, the dove of Ishmael. The bird of one song. Whenever I’m done drinking the milk, I’m done, that’s it. Ishmael taught me that, it’s really cool,” Trump comically says.

Despite clearly being a fake parody, there’s no denying that this crafty lip reading is brilliant for the fact that it looks incredibly accurate – and I mean, it is Donald Trump after all who is no stranger to controversial speeches.

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