Barry Humphries calls Waleed Aly's Logie win 'depressing'

Carly Williams
Yahoo7 Entertainment

Barry Humphries AKA Aussie icon Dame Edna Everage really isn't a fan of Gold Logie winner Waleed Aly.

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There were some strange vibes after Edna appeared on The Project a few weeks back when she called Waleed "Little Wally" and slurred out some cryptic maybe insults towards the presenter's faith.

Waleed Aly at the Logies. Photo: getty

Barry Humphries cemented his hatin' status by recently telling a reporter from The Australian he found Waleed's Gold Logie win "very disappointing" while eating at a Sydney restaurant.

Barry Humphries. Photo: Getty

The snippet reads:

"The doyen of comedy was seated on the “David Leckie table”, just one over from the “Harold Mitchell table”, where we were sitting. ... Humphries made a stir the other week when as Dame Edna he sparred with Waleed Aly on Ten’s The Project. So on our way out we asked for Humphries’ thoughts on Aly’s Gold Logie win. It was news to the visiting Londoner. “That’s very depressing,” he told us."

Dare we say you're out of touch there, Barry!