BBC newsroom loses it over stolen cheesecake

Alicia Vrajlal

With incoming reports and breaking coverage to roll out, there's plenty to keep a newsroom on its toes.

But for the team at the BBC, all it took was a stolen piece of cheesecake to set alarm bells ringing.

A missing piece of New York Cheesecake from the London BBC Newsroom's communal fridge sent staffers into a spin, and passive aggressive notes have played a big part in the aftermath.

"To the scumbag who stole my New York cheesecake - I hope you choke on it", read a note put on the fridge by the disgruntled staffer.

However it didn't stop there.

Another note read: "To the angry victim of crime: violence is not the answer! There is more NY cheesecake here for you. To the pilferer - don't bloody steal this one! Go give money to the homeless".

But get this, even that slice of heavenly cake was stolen. Where is the justice in this world?!

The incident has obviously gone viral, and the online reactions will keep you entertained.

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