BBQ Tip: Healthier Main Courses

Make your barbeque healthier with these substitutions...

Hold off on the HAMBURGERS and give these a try:
• Bison burgers
• Vegetarian burgers (I like Garden Burgers and Boca Burgers)
• Turkey burgers (I like Shady Brook Farm and Jennie-O or make your own with lean ground turkey meat)

Pass on the HOT DOGS as well as beef and pork sausage and opt for:
• Lean turkey sausages (I like Shady Brook Farms 'Lean' turkey sausages -- hot version)
• Lean chicken sausages (I like Casual Gourmet, red pepper and basil)
• Soy sausages (I like Boca sausages)

Say "bye-bye" to barbeque CHICKEN WINGS and thighs. Seek out the:
• Skinless chicken breasts

For barbecue sauce, I like using the brand Stubs. It tends to be lower in calories and sugar than most of the popular brands (2 Tablespoons = 15 calories and 0 fat).