Bears Burned in California Wildfires Treated With Fish Skin Bandages

Two adult female bears whose paws suffered burns during December’s California wildfires underwent treatment for their injuries, involving the application of sterilized fish skin to the affected areas.

The two bears, one of which was pregnant, along with a young mountain lion with less severe burns, were treated by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) after the Thomas Fire burned through Santa Barbara and Ventura counties.

According to the CDFW, the bears’ burns were treated with homemade salve and sterilized fish skin, which contains collagen that aids and speeds the healing process. The bears also received acupuncture and laser therapy treatment.

The bears were transported and released back into the wild in Southern California. The CDFW plan to monitor the bears using GPS collars and field cameras. Credit: YouTube/CDFW via Storyful