Beautician's horror pics of botched lash extensions

Allison Yee

Unless you’ve been genetically blessed with a lush, full set that really make your peepers pop, chances are you’ve thought about getting eyelash extensions.

One Perth beauty salon owner has urged any woman thinking of getting extensions to do their research, posting horror photos after she tended to a customer’s botched eyelashes.

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Emma Dhanjal posted the snaps on Facebook after a unidenfitifed female customer walked into her Emmaculate Beauty salon, wanting lashes for her birthday celebrations that weekend.

Let this be a warning to women everywhere. Photo: Facebook

“Her natural lashes are sooooo damaged from the place she has been having her lashes done, they were falling out when I touched them with the tweezers,” Emma captioned the photos.

“As well as inflamed eye lids and needing to see her doctor for possible infection, her lashes may never be the same again.”

Glue is clearly visible in the eyelashes. Photo: Facebook
The eyelashes were removed in clumps. Photo: Facebook

For industry veteran Emma who has been doing lashes for seven years, they were the worst extensions she had ever seen, claiming no lash artist should ever leave a customer this way.

“This should NEVER ever happen to your lashes, please do not be scared of having lash extensions applied, if you do your research and go to the right place your lash extensions can be applied for years and years without having a break!!” wrote Emma.

The poor customer was left with no natural eyelashes. Photo: Facebook

“Worst lashes I have personally seen in 7 years of lashing. I take a lot of pride in my work and this makes me feel sick it is still happening out there.”

Facebook responded with over 4000 people commenting, including other beauticians.

Emma says there's no danger to getting extensions - so long as you research them and go to a reputable lash therapist. Photo: Getty

“I can see chemical burns on the eyelids, I suspect from the lash technician (if qualified) using poor quality adhesive,” wrote one.

“I have been a lash therapist for 17 years, I cannot tell you how many awful experiences I have had to repair, refer to the dr and in one case, drive a girl to the hospital!” added another.

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