‘I spend $4000 a month on makeup’

Kristine Tarbert

If you’ve ever found yourself scrounging for the last cents in your account to buy that new mascara you desperately need – imagine having thousands spare a month to spend on makeup.

That’s more than the average mortgage. And exactly what Dubai-based beauty guru Huda Kattan spends to keep her collection fully stocked.

The beauty blogger is the founder of an international beauty empire, and the woman behind Kim Kardashian's go-to lashes.

Beauty blogger Huda Kattan spends thousands on makeup a month. Photo: Instagram

“I can spend a minimum of $4,000 a month on makeup. People get surprised because they’re like, 'why do you still buy products?” Huda told Elle, ahead of the release of her new Faux Filter Foundation range.

“There are so many indie brands like Dose of Color, Morphe and Lime Crime that I like to buy, or I'm impulsively shopping on Sephora or Net-A-Porter. I do spend a lot on beauty products.”

The Dubai-based blogger has built a beauty empire. Photo: Instagram

Revealing her daily beauty routine, Huda says her favourite product is Ren Rose Oil. And because not everything is available Dubai, she regularly stocks up on her fav products when visiting LA.

Huda will head to Macy’s department store as well as Sally Beauty Supply to stock up on small items like hair ties, hair clips and curling irons, loads of brushes.

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She says she spends a minimum $4k a month. Photo: Instagram

“I had three bags just filled with makeup and haircare products,” she said.

But despite her love of makeup, Huda says she does try to have breaks from wearing it.

Huda has breaks from makeup on the weekends. Photo: Instagram

“I try to take breaks from makeup on the weekends. I try to not to wear any on Fridays and Saturdays. It’s good to let your skin breathe and it’s good not to depend on makeup, to feel comfortable in our skin,” she said.

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