Beauty queen reveals simple cure for severe acne

Allison Yee

For those of us blessed with good skin, think about the stress and drama you go through whenever you get one pesky little pimple.

Then think about how admin assistant Rachel Crawley must have felt as she refused to leave the house and suffered from headaches and anxiety due to her severe acne.

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Rachel, 22, was approached four years ago to be in a beauty pageant, but refused due to her acne.

Rachel reveals her acne saw her suffering from depression and anxiety. Photo: Instagram

Now she's a finalist in the Miss Preston 2017 pageant in the UK, with Rachel taking to Instagram to reveal how she overcame her debilitating acne.

Since changing her diet, Rachel has seen a huge difference. Photo: Instagram

Confessing that she steers clear of medication and instead focuses on a “high fat vegan plant based diet (nothing processed), real whole foods [and a] natural minimal skin care routine,” Rachel’s skin is looking the best it has in years.

These pics were taken seven weeks apart, reveals Rachel. Photo: Instagram

“For years I suffered with acne and for years I let my mental health take over, ruin relationships, stop me going out… because I was insecure and worried about other people's opinions,” she revealed on Instagram.

The 22-year-old was inspired to share her journey to help other people suffering from acne. Photo: Instagram

“Because let's be honest acne isn't nice to look at. I knew I couldn't carry on being this hard on myself to the point I would cry and have a lot of built up stress causing headaches.”

Rachel admits she still has scars on her face, but refuses to cover them up with make up.

Despite being left with scars, Rachel doesn't let if define who she is. Photo: Instagram

“I have learnt to accept myself for who I am and that's why I feel confident enough to go out with no makeup,” she told her followers.

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