These celebs have been blessed with big noses
These celebs have been blessed with big noses

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A new study suggests that men with large noses are more likely to have a one night stand than their smaller-schnozzled counterparts.

Photographs of men who had filled out questionnaires detailing their preferences for either one night stands or long-term attachments were distributed among a group of 700 volunteers.

The group was then asked to guess the response of each photographed man.

The savvy group of volunteers guessed correctly in 72 per cent of cases.

The survey was carried out about by the Scottish universities of Durham, St Andrews and Aberdeen, and the results were published in the journal 'Evolution and Human Behaviour'.

An untested explanation for the results could link a large nose with higher levels of testosterone, which may in turn favour behaviour that seeks quick sexual gratification.

Until more research is carried out we'll be keeping an eye on the, uh, noses of our male friends!

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