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Colour: "If you want to sport a slick hair do, keep your colour monochromatic. Look at using the darkest brown to black and remember with a man, always keep it as flat or as ash as possible (silver or grey - no man wants to see red in his hair). The easiest way to do this is with a semi-permanent colour like O&M's Mineral CCT." says Wayne Lewis, Technical Director of Original & Mineral and Colour Director of Original “A” Salon (formally Atlantis Hair).

Style: The haircut is most important. Make sure you keep lots of length through the top but very little, if any, around the edges. Think of a military hair cut with more length on the top. Shampoo hair with a good detoxifying shampoo to make sure the hair is squeaky clean and holds its shape when styled. To style, first apply to damp hair a matte paste or clay like O&M's K-Gravel, then comb hair into style. To finish, spray with a hairspray like O&M's Original Queenie and allow to dry naturally. This will make the hair look slick but not greasy. says Alan Buki, Co-Founder of Original & Mineral and Owner of Original “A” salon (formally Atlantis Hair).

1. Shampoo with a detoxifying shampoo.
2. Apply a matte paste or clay to give hold and comb hair into style.
3. Hair spray to set style and allow to dry naturally for a slick, polished finish.

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