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Colour: Cara Delevingne is channelling a sun-kissed beige blonde. If you're naturally light like Cara, we would recommend adding some foils and a balayage to create her look that embodies natural lightness through her ends. Then we would look at placing a beige or natural gold semi-permanent colour over all of the hair to give it a beautiful tone.

Style: There is a little bit of cheating that goes on to achieve this style and this is the addition of hair extension. Start off by attaching hair extensions from the crown to an inch above the nape. Then into damp hair layer both a heat protection spray and a root volumising product. Blow out the hair into small sections achieving a tight curl, then allowing the hair to cool down while wrapped on a roller. Remove rollers and shake into place, then spray with a firm hold hair spray to seal the look.

1. After lightening the hair, use a beige semi-permanent to add gloss and tone to the hair. This will give the incredible tone to the hair that has almost an angelic feel to it. Try O&M's Liquid CCT gloss.
2. Place Amore hair extensions from crown to nape, giving the illusion of twice as much hair. Remember only use real hair as this is much easier to style and blend with your own hair.
3. Blow-dry and set hair in rollers using a good volumising product from roots to ends. Once hair has cooled, shake through and spray with a quality hairspray to keep movement and volume as you sashay down the runway.

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