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Kate Moss has got "it", she's been "it" and she's always going to have "it". She's the ultimate "it" girl.

Here her vintage gold Marc Jacobs gown emphasises the warm blonde tones in her hair, a look which is set to be the hottest of next season.

After highlighting the hair and keeping the pieces extra light around the hair line and face, we would place a toner in a natural gold over all of her hair in order to increase the reflection of light and to help to thicken her hair.

1. Use the lightest Powder Lightener in very fine foils.
2. Tone hair with the lightest gold toner.
3. Make sure you finish the colour off with a nourishing treatment, which is rich in moisture such as O&M's Seven Day Miracle.

This is a great style to achieve at home. Simply place a heat protectant through the hair, then layer over the top using a volumising product such as sea salt spray, finishing off with a blow-dry using your fingers to create lots of movement and texture. At the ends of the hair, smooth large sections out with a ceramic round brush, twisting to give a polished wave. Remember to set the hair using a shine serum through the ends to stop any fly-aways.

1. Layer both Atonic Thickening Spritz and Surf Bomb Sea Salt Spray through the hair.
2. Using fingers, stretch hair from roots to create volume and texture in hair.
3. Use a ceramic brush in big sections to create movement in the hair, sealing with Frizzy Logic.

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