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Taylor’s mane is the perfect example of how style and tone can compliment not only the skin tone but face shape. Her colour is very much in the beige blonde colour family with subtle highlights blended through with an even subtler beige blonde toner.

To style this look, its important to use light-weight products when stretching the hair out to make sure the ends of the hair are all polished. Try using a natural bristle brush to give the hair extra shine and gloss. Always make sure when your fringe is a focal point that it is kept at the right length – never too short or too long.

Step 1 – Very fine hand painted foils through fringe and around face using a gentle Powder Lightener such as O&M’s ammonia free pear lightener.
Step 2 – After doing a deep cleanse to remove any colour build up and foils, place a beige toner over all of the hair which is not only rich in moisture but rich in reflective oils such as O&M’s Liquid CCT which contains Argan and Macadamian Oils.
Step 3 – To lock in tone and gloss, treat the hair with a moisture rich treatment such as O&M’s Seven Day Miracle. Work likes magic!

Step 1 – Apply a heat protectant like O&M’s Atonic thickening spritz through the hair to prevent damage while blow-drying and over the top through mid-lengths, place a volumising product like O&M’s Rootalicious to create more volume.
Step 2 – Stretch hair out using a natural bristle brush, then blow-dry the hair. Always blow-dry the fringe first to stretch out any kinks and keep looking utter-perfection.
Step 3 – Finish hair with a light spritz of hairspray to stop fly-always and set fringe with Original Queenie.

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