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What inspires you when it comes to cutting and styling?
KMS and KMS stylists have always been about creating hair that works for the wearer. We believe people ‘live in their hair’ and the cut and finishing techniques needs to designed so that the client can achieve the look at home. What inspires us? Clients who are able to style their look each and every day – and receive compliments on their look.

What do you hope KMS California will help clients achieve?
A sense of individuality and freedom to express their personal style

What are your favorite current hair trends?
Loose disheveled up-styles. Hair modernly ‘undone’ - twisted, pinned - but very done at the end of the day.

What hair colours and styles are the easiest to maintain?
Believable, worn and burnished hair color. From a style perspective, again it’s all about the client’s ability to make the cut work for her. Communication with their stylist is key - creating a look that the client can do at home.

How do you approach a client wanting to change their look?
For a KMS trained stylist it’s all about engaging in a two way conversation with their client. Finding out how their hair makes them feel. Finding out how much time, for example the client wants to invest in their hair. Taking how she sees her hair and then adding a modern touch. Creating a brilliant cut that will look wonderful each and every day, when she does it at home.

What questions should people ask their hair stylists during consultation?
The most important topic to discuss is how the client sees their hair. Understanding their dreams and wishes for their look and how much time the client will invest in maintaining their new look.

How important is it for clients consider their face shape before deciding on a cut and style?
Face shape suitability is probably the most important challenge in creating a great hairstyle. Most hairstyles can be adapted to all face shapes. Great haircutters like cutters trained in the KMS IQ Cutting Method, have the ability to customize the overall shape/ design for the specific face shape. A specific face shape should never limit the options in designing a great hairstyle!

What is your favourite KMS product and why?
My favorite KMS product is HAIRPLAY Makeover Spray. It is just an ‘image saver’ I have very fine hair that loses its body over the day. A quick shot of Makeover Spray totally refreshes my hair texture. It’s a market leader and we are not surprised at that. It’s just adored by stylists around the world.

KMS Hairplay Makeover Spray

What are your top tips on maintaining healthy hair?
Treat your hair like you would your skin. Protect it from hot tools by using products that are technologically designed to do the create job and at the same time protect the hair. Products like FREESHAPE Quick Blow Dry, and FREESHAPE Hot Flex Spray. Customize your conditioning regime according to your schedule and hair needs. For example, once or twice a week intense conditioning, daily leave-in and so on.

What advice can you give women wanting to achieve a chic look in a hurry?
Make sure your hair is just beautifully conditioned. Even the simplest look created on gorgeous hair is wonderful.

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