Garnier Fructis Campaign by Publicis
Garnier Fructis Campaign by Publicis

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Chances are you will do a double take when you see Garnier’s new campaign for their Fructis range. With three tough looking men sporting very impressive beards, it’s hard not to take a second look just to see if growing a beard of that proportion is even possible.

While there probably are some men out there who haven’t shaved since they first sprouted hairs on their chin, the men in these advertisements actually don’t have bragging rights to those giant pieces of facial hair.

Garnier Fructis Campaign by Publicis

Upon closer inspection you’ll realize that each man is standing behind a smaller woman whose hair is disguised as his beard. The new campaign for the products features three different men, one blonde, one brunette and one redhead. The optical illusion within the photos is to promote the idea that Garnier’s Fructis products are unisex.

The brand teamed up with Swiss advertising agency Publicis Zurich and photographers Billy & Hells to create the shots.

The only question that remains is their choice for the blonde male model who doesn’t actually seem to have any hair of his own, guess he won’t be using any of the shampoos or conditioners within the range.

Garnier Fructis Campaign by Publicis

Within the photo both the man and woman are wearing dark clothing and deceptively blend into each other. The man is facing the camera while the woman faces the other way. The man’s beard is actually the woman’s hair and the guy’s front jean pockets are really the woman’s rear jean pockets.

Each image is also branded with a slogan in German that translates as “For every hair type.”

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