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Step 1: J.Lo's ombre colour would be created using O&M's Mineral CCT mineral blonde to give her dark hair soft light pieces but more dramatic lightness through her roots.
Step 2: Over lightened hair, place a toner (J.Lo's signature look) in an Liquid CCT light gold blonde which will warm the colour and create more dramatic tonal differences.
Step 3: To keep hair looking super glossy and retain its colour, it's advised to use an O&M Powder Base treatment which is rich in both protein and moisture, the perfect base to style hair with.


Step 1: Use O&M's Surf Bomb sea salt spray to create the foundation for J.Lo's style. Apply to towel-dried hair, then blow-dry using a natural bristle paddle brush till it's 80 per cent dry.
Step 2: Apply O&M's Rootalicious to create movement and hold throughout the hair, then round-brush with the direction of the bristles going away from the face.
Step 3: Take small sections of hair from mid-length to the ends and curl using a hot tong. Then spray each section with Original Queenie and allow to cool. To finish hair, finger through to soften the curl with a small amount of O&M's Frizzy Logic. For added red-carpet oomph spray again using Original Queenie to set the style.

Alan Buki, Co-Founder for Original & Mineral and Owner for Original “A” salon
Wayne Lewis, Technical Director for Original & Mineral and Colour Director for Original “A” Salon

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