Beauty how-to fail: teen burns off hair
Beauty how-to fail: teen burns off hair

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American high-school student Tori Locklear burnt her hair off in a beauty how-to video disaster that has (unsurprisingly) gone viral.

Nearly 10 million people have watched the beauty tutorial-gone-wrong.

The tutorial starts well, with Tori advising her viewers not to use wand's clamp, otherwise you'll get kinked ends. "Count 20", Tori says as she winds her hair around the wand.

At around the 1-minute mark the tutorial goes awry when Tori's hair comes away with the wand.

The look on the teen's face is priceless. "Oh my're kidding me" she gasps as she stares at the inch-long stump of hair the curling iron has left behind.

Tori has subsequently posted on her Facebook page that the spray she uses in the video was to blame for her (hilarious) beauty how-to fail.

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