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Sometimes it seems keeping up with our beauty regime is a never-ending chore – and according to The Daily Mail we are dedicating up to two months of our lives doing the beauty tasks we hate.

Women spend up to 59 days of our life shaving our legs – which also tops a poll as the most hated of all beauty chores.

On average, the women surveyed said they would spend up to four minutes, six times a week on the ritual – that adds up to a whopping 21 hours every year.

Coming a close second was hairstyling, with 17 percent saying they spent 16 minutes a day coiffing their hair – this amounts to almost 294 days.

Then comes the painful task of plucking our eyebrows into submission – the eye-watering routine takes up to 11 hours of our precious year.

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A spokesperson for, who carried out the research, suggested a way to make the most hated task (shaving legs) more bearable.

"If you exfoliate first then you will shave closer so you won't have to do it so often. That will cut down on the two months of women’s lives spent doing this unpopular beauty chore."

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