Aussie miners are lining up for Botox
Aussie miners are lining up for Botox

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In fact, Dr Joseph Ajaka from Cosmos Clinic reports that over 50 percent of all patients that he is treating with Botox are male, up from 10 percent five years ago – and the boom in the mining sector has “absolutely contributed to the increase in men having Brotox.”

“What might surprise a lot of people is that it isn’t just about male miners with disposable income looking to splurge. What we are finding is that miners spend significant portions of their time in remote areas in extreme weather conditions. These harsh settings can contribute to miners looking older than their city dwelling counterparts,” he adds.

Another reason miners are lining up for Brotox is the search for love.

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“Often due to the remote locations of mines, male miners can find dating a logistical challenge. Which means when they are back in the city and have the opportunity to go on dates and socialise they want to look their best.”

While the anti-wrinkle injections have gone past being taboo for many women to discuss, Dr Ajaka says that this is slowly changing for men too.

Asked whether there is still a stigma for men, Dr Ajaka answered:

“To a point there still is, as most men want to keep their results looking natural. However, we are finding that men are now bringing their wives for Botox rather than the other way around.”

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“As the pressure society places on the importance of physical appearance continues the stigma associated with men having these treatments will diminish. For men to maintain their looks and confidence in an increasingly vain society, the benefits of having Botox will far outweigh any potential embarrassment.

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“The 50 per cent increase in Australian men having “Brotox” compared to only a 5 per cent increase in the US, as reported by the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australia, may be a reflection of male attitudes towards the benefits of having the treatment."

The most popular area for men to treat are their angry lines, crows feet and foreheads.

But while Aussie men may be outstripping their American counterparts when it comes to cosmetic enhancements, the entertainment industry is also benefiting from Brotox, albeit on the sly...

Dr Ajack suspects that Shane Warne, Tom Cruise, Billy Crystal, Patrick Dempsey and even Bradley Cooper have had a date with Brotox.

“Although it may not be as obvious, small amounts of “Brotox” enables these celebrities to maintain their good looks much longer than the average man, whilst never appearing “frozen or plastic.”

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