Would you grow out your armpit hair for a month for charity?
Would you grow out your armpit hair for a month for charity?

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It was once considered the calling card of hardcore feminists and hippies, but now Armpits4August is asking women to grow out their armpit hair for one month to raise money and awareness for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

Currently operating out of the UK and billed as a female version of Movember, Armpits4August hopes to encourage women to “start a conversation about body hair”.

One of the symptoms of the PCOS is excessive body hair caused by increased levels of testosterone, something that one of the co-founders suffers.

"The perceived necessity to conform to such narrow ideas of beauty is harmful to our sense of self-confidence and self-worth as well as being ridiculously time-consuming and expensive,” explains the Armpits4August website.

"The idea is to set a challenge," says Chloe Marshall, one of the organisers. "Until you question these things you don't know what you feel comfortable with, rather than just automatically doing the thing most expected of women."

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Worried it will make you a dude deterrent? Don’t worry, according to the website, “armpit hair helps disperse pheromones, so it could make you even more attractive."

Women are being encouraged to set up Just Giving pages, with money going to Verity, the largest charity for people with PCOS.

Last year they raised $6640, and hope to exceed that amount last year.

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For more information on Armpits4August, head to armpits4august.org/

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