Beauty isn't just skin deep...
Beauty isn't just skin deep...

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More now than ever, it seems like there is a cream for everything – for our lips, under eyes, eyelids, neck, hands, to hydrate, to soften, to cover, to lift, to hide… no wonder most of us have bathroom cupboards overflowing with products.

But with this oversaturation of beauty products on the market has come a new generation of health and beauty practitioners who are adamant that the secret to really great skin and hair isn’t just about what products you're slapping on your skin, but the quality of your thoughts, diet, health and fitness.

The ethos behind it is simple – if your body is healthy and nourished, your skin will glow. If you are tired, unwell, or lacking in nutrients, it will show on your skin and no amount of Botox will be able to banish the early signs of aging.

After all, “you can have the best, most expensive butter in the world, but if you’re putting it on burnt toast, it’s not going to taste any good,” says celebrity facialist Fumi Yamamoto, who is a strong and passionate advocate for holistic beauty.

“Wellbeing and beauty is not just on the physical level, it’s on the emotional level as well. When you come across a beautiful person, it’s the impression you’re left with, you’re not checking out their wrinkles or the colour they’re wearing.”

Fumi is just one of a growing list of practitioners touting the benefits of holistic beauty – looking after our wellness, not just our weight or our hair or our skin.

“In the East, beauty has long been considered as a reflection of a person’s physical, mental and spiritual health, adds Fumi. “And when you are looking after all this, when you say you feel beautiful rather than look beautiful, that’s what’s important to me. That’s when you truly radiate beauty.”

“You can spend thousands on beauty products, but if you’re morbidly obese and eating junk food, you’re not going to be walking like you feel good,” adds Lisa Desmond Sales Manager from the Facial Rejuvenation Clinic.

While the Facial Rejuvenation Clinic specilises in formulated skin care and intense facial treatments, Lisa maintains that true beauty is more than skin deep.

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“Beauty and confidence are so closely aligned," says Lisa. "It’s when you meet someone and there’s something really remarkable about them. It’s the way they carry themselves. There’s a lot we can do that’s superficial, but you’re never going to get the maximum benefit if you’re not looking after yourself.”

"When you take care of yourself, and love yourself, looking better is only the beginning," adds Fumi. “It’s about hydrating, eating well, taking time to relax and meditating. This can have a huge impact on your being, which then shows on your skin. Beauty is not just skin deep.”

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