Could you go without washing your hair for five years? Photo: Getty
Could you go without washing your hair for five years? Photo: Getty

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Shampoo is a relatively modern invention, yet its so firmly entrenched in our beauty routines, it's hard to image not washing your hair at least twice a week.

But with more evidence coming to light that chemicals in shampoo might be doing us more harm then good, more and more people have been joining the 'No Poo' movement, and raving about the results.

Jacquelyn Baers, who gave up shampoo because she was concerned about the "paraben, phthalates, petroleum byproducts, and other dangerous toxic chemicals" in many shampoo products, first wrote about going ‘No Poo’ two years ago in her blog LittleOwlCrunchyMomma

Concerned about studies that argued over-exposure to some of the chemicals contained in shampoos – especially those that cause a ‘lather’ – can be linked to toxicity in the nervous system and even cancer, Jacquelyn decided to adhere to the ethos if you can’t eat it, don’t use it.

Switching to baking soda and apple cider vinegar after finding natural and organic shampoos too expensive, she said that the initial results were not what she expected.

"It wasn't working for me - it was making hair dry, and greasy, and back and forth" she wrote.

Instead, she gave up altogether and now rinses her hair once or twice a week – and her hair has never been healthier.

Jacquelyn has said her hair has never been healthier. Photo: Getty
"It's super healthy," she writes. "It's the healthiest it's been in a long time. It doesn't vacillate any more from super greasy to cracked and dry."

Writer Hanna Brooks Olsen also went sans shampoo and said that not only did her hair grow faster, it was really shiny and “it just looked awesome.”

But it may take some getting used to. She warns that those who want to join the ‘No Poo’ movement, be prepared for your hair to adjust.

"It takes an adjustment period. I wouldn’t expect to stop using shampoo and immediately your hair is ok with it," said Olsen.

But those keen to try the ‘No Poo’ movement will be happy to know that sebum, which protects are hair shaft and keeps our scalp in good condition, is also naturally equipped to help clean our hair.

When we wash it out with shampoo, it tends to go into overdrive – hence why we get greasy scalps after not washing for a few days. When you stop shampooing, the sebum will regulate itself – and as a result, your hair will be shinier, healthier and it can help clear up scalp problems like dandruff, according to

So as well as protecting ourselves from a whole host of synthetic chemicals - health experts have even warned that parabens, synthetic preservatives that mimic oestrogen raising links to breast cancer and fertility issues – you’ll be getting a shinier, healthier head of hair as a result.

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