Caroline Louise Forsling, a former Sports Illustrated model has slapped Estée Lauder with a $2 million law suit over photos of her she claims have been ‘manipulated’ for an anti-aging ad campaign.

The Swedish model, who is believed to be 35, has alleged that the ad for Plantscription serum by Origins, which is owned by cosmetic giant Estée Lauder, used a photo of her without her knowledge.

Forsling claims that her career has been 'irreparably' damaged by the poster, because the product was tested on women aged 45-60.

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The photo in questions was taken of Forsling in July last years as a test shot before a shoot for another Estée Lauder product. It shows her make-up free and with her hair pulled back from her face.

The Plantation ad was split into two, with the left side labelled ‘before’, where you can see small wrinkles and pigmentation, and the right side labelled ‘after’ showing skin that is smoother, a supposed ‘dramatization’ of the effects of the cream.

The suit reads: 'Defendants did not disclose in the Plantscription ad... that Forsling never used Plantscription, that Forsling is not aged 45-60 or that the so-called "dramatization" of the product did not result from the use of the product by Forsling, but rather reflected [their] manipulation of a photograph.'

Her lawyers are demanding damages for Estée Lauder ’s ‘false advertising and deceptive acts’, as well as a court order ‘barring defendants from any unauthorized use of Forsling’s image or likeness.’

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