Bec 'fed up' with Lleyton over tennis drama

Emma Shepherd

It seems that Aussie couple Bec and Lleyton Hewitt aren't seeing eye to eye when it comes to the former athlete's tennis duties.

An insider has revealed to Woman’s Day that the mother-of-three is fed up with her former tennis star husband risking his reputation and brand by supporting controversial Aussie players Bernard Tomic and Nick Kyrgios.

The Hewitts have recently moved to a mansion in Toorak, Melbourne. Source: Getty

“Bec’s open about saying Bernard and Nick need to grow up and that they’re just a couple of spoilt brats,” the source said. “She cannot understand why he won’t distance himself from them."

The publication also claimed that the 36-year-old Wimbledon and US Open champ has put a lot of time and energy mentoring both the men.

But noth players have stirred up controversy with Nick, 22, exiting Wimbleton early due to an injury and trading insults with Channel Nine's Tony Jones, who said Serena Williams could beat him in a match, while Bernard, 24, confessed to the world that he was “bored” with playing tennis.

According to the Woman's Day report, Bec is worried that the ongoing support from Lleyton is damaging his own reputation and legacy.

“Bec wanted a new life after tennis, but instead Lleyton’s spending more time away than ever before,” the insider told the outlet.

Bec and Lleyton married in July of 2005, and are parents to three children. Source: Getty

The source revealed that Bec is confused as to why her hubby is putting so much effort in, when the two tennis players don’t seem to care about their own careers.

“When Lleyton is frustrated and unhappy, it affects the whole family, and poor Bec is feeling increasingly isolated and unappreciated.

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"And he doesn’t have the time or energy to deal with problems at home on top of everything else,” the source added.

Be spoke with Bec and Lleyton's representative and they declined to make a statement.

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