Bec Judd's adorable milk-drunk twins

Leah Cohen

Bec Judd has shared adorable pictures of her baby boys drunk on mother’s milk to Instagram.

The 33-year-old captured the cute moment after feeding three-month-old twins Tom and Darcy.

Bec Judd has shared images of her baby boys high on milk to Instagram Stories. Photo: Instagram

The wife of former Aussie Rules player Chris Judd uploaded a series of images to Instagram Stories.

One of them pictures the model makeup-free, in activewear and mimicking her boys’ faces high on milk.

Bec copying Tom and Darcy's milk-drunk expressions. Photo: Instagram

Her five-year-old son Oscar can be seen slouching on the couch next to her. Her two-year-old daughter Billie isn’t featured.

The rest of the four shots picture Darcy (left) and Tom (right) lying on the couch staring into space post-feed, enjoying the feeling of ecstasy the milk warming their little bodies gives them.

Tom and Darcy high on mother's milk. Photo: Instagram
Where are we? Photo: Instagram

In one of the pictures, Darcy is completely knocked out from the exhausting task while big Tom, who's lying on Bec’s slim legs, can’t seem to keep his eyes off mum.

In another, Bec hilariously captures the moment Darcy awakes from his post-feed slumber in a daze with milk dribbling from his little mouth.

Bec's adorable boys enjoying milk time! Photo: Instagram
Wakey wakey Mr Darcy! Photo: Instagram

He notices mum taking pics of him and opens his eyes wider and gives the camera a smirk.

Too cute!

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After giving birth to the twins late September, the mum-of-four announced she was giving up her weekend weather presenting role at Channel Nine to spend more time with the blooming brood.

Bec quit her weekend Channel Nine gig to spend more time with the family. Photo: Instagram

While looking after four children is a full-time job in itself, Bec won’t be giving up everything, still continuing her Myer fashion ambassador role and work on her exercise clothing label Jaggad.

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