Staff at a sex toy factory reveal what their jobs entail

Rebekah Scanlan

There are some weird and wonderful jobs out there.

But this group of workers have a very unusual gig, making sure everything runs smoothly at a sex toy factory.

From inspecting returns to speaking with disgruntled customers, these guys surely must have a tough time ever keeping a straight face.

Meet Jackie, head of returns for a sex toy company. She slays and keeping a straight face. Source: Channel4

In a rather amusing promo clip from a British TV show, Sex Toy Secrets, viewers are taken behind-the-scenes of a sex toy factory and it's mega LOL.

However, we've been particularly impressed with these employees straight face skills.

The head of the company finds all his jobs pretty hilarious. Source: Channel4

Jackie Barnes, the powerhouse behind the returns department, doesn't even flinch as she talks the viewers through some of the unusual items that have been sent back.

These include a rather worn-out looking vibrating silicone booty and a ripped sex doll.

Jackie admits she's seen it all and wears gloves as a safety precaution. Source: Channel4

"Jackie obviously, erm, opens these boxes every day," Chris Simms, the MD of the company says. "And for her, it must be like a lottery every day."

Well, that's one way to describe it.

"There's nothing that shocks me anymore," she says, introducing the cameras to Vanessa, a realistic lifelike doll with a "ripped vagina."

We breathe a sigh of relief when she shows us the rubber gloves she uses when opening these unwanted items.

"I don't really want to touch with my hands," she explains. We don't blame you Jackie.

The team in customer service have a lot to deal with. Source: Channel4

Next we're given a glimpse into the life of a customer service rep at the company, where we hear all sorts of laugh inducing product names being read out over the phone.

Like total pros, Greg and Hannah don't crack — not even when confirming an order for a customer for the "Ultimate inflatable strap-on dildo."

Hannah isn't afraid to hang up the phone if a customer is inappropriate. Source: Channel4

They do admit that sometimes the role can be a little, err, challenging though.

"I have had a couple of people masturbate down the phone," Hannah laughs. "We do terminate the calls very quickly."

Do you think you could keep a straight face working there?

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