Bek’s MKR heartbreak

Josephine Rozenberg-Clarke

When it came down to Betty and David vs. Bek and Ash in the sudden death elimination, we not-so-secretly hoped that the girls would win just so Bek’s hot flirtation with Kyle could keep picking up steam!

And we’re not the only ones who felt that way. “My romance with Kyle is only just beginning,” Bek says as she and Ash prepare for the cook-off. “I’m not ready to say goodbye yet.”

Could it be sudden death for Bek and Kyle's romance? Source: Channel Seven

But as the sudden death elimination gets underway, it’s clear that going home is a very real prospect for the Perth-based vet surgeon.

There’s a lot of pressure on the two teams in Kitchen HQ tonight – not only do they face their MKR journey coming to an abrupt halt, but they have to cook for guest chefs Colin Fassnidge, Karen Martini, Guy Grossi and Liz Egan. And they thought Manu and Pete were tough!

Colin's particular brand of Irish charm is, er, light on the charm. Source: Channel Seven

Despite Bek and Ash’s record-breakingly low Instant Restaurant score, the teams turn out to be quite evenly matched in Kitchen HQ.

With the teams neck and neck, the mood was tense in the back room. Source: Channel Seven

Just when you think David faffing around and burning the rice for the entré means the girls have got a win, Ash’s crepes are too thick.

David and Betty edge ahead with the entré, but then the girls present a perfectly-cooked dish of venison for the main.

While prepping the “big hunk of meat”, Bek makes sure she gets her flirt face on for Kyle, who is watching from the sidelines. He turns as red as the venison.

Bek announces that she loves big hunks of meat. Subtle, girl. Source: Channel Seven

Thanks to David and Betty messing up their main with undercooked fish, the girls are in with a real shot.

Everything hinges on dessert, and the Sydney pair take a risk with a chilli-spiced fruit dish, where the Perth girls play it safe with biscotti and ice cream.

It all comes down to the final votes, which are, as Tyson would say, average at best.

David and Betty cop a 34, and from the look on Betty’s face you can tell she thinks she and Dave are done for.

Betty is mentally preparing her farewell speech. Source: Channel Seven

The girls – and Kyle – look hopeful when the guest chefs praise some of the elements they’ve cooked up tonight.

But unfortunately as a whole package, it just didn’t impress as much as the incredible South East Asian flavours served up by David and Betty.

With the girls scoring 31, Manu bids them au revoir and Kyle’s heart breaks in front of the entire country.

Is that a man tear we spy, Kyle? Source: Channel Seven
Time to hang up those aprons, ladies. Source: Channel Seven

The romance is over, and frankly we don’t think Karen and Ros will ever get over the fact that they won’t be delivering the first MKR baby.

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But look at it this way: now that his lady love and biggest distraction is gone, Kyle can focus on taking down his and Tim’s biggest rivals...Amy and Tyson.

We can’t wait!

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