10 best celebrity pranks of all time

Leah Cohen
These celebrity pranks will make your day.

From actors to singers, radio stars to talk show hosts, some celebs know how to put on a poker face when it comes to pranks.

They're the masters of the game, never giving the slightest hint away that they're not being serious and love pushing their jokes to the edge.

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Whether it's their bodyguards, best friends or complete strangers, these famous pranksters can't get enough.

Here are the 10 best celebrity pranks:

1. Matt Damon’s hilarious 'spy mission' prank

Matt Damon recently released a video of him pranking unsuspecting people by roping them into a “spy mission.” The Bourne actor somehow convinces them to take orders from a stranger on the phone. The results are hilarious! Lucky for the those getting pranked, Damon eventually reveals himself and tells them they just won tickets to the Jason Bourne world premiere. Not a shabby prank at all!

2. Justin Bieber and Ellen’s 'security guard' prank

Justin Bieber is completely unrecognisable as Ellen’s security guard in this hysterical prank. Masked behind dark sunglasses, a beer belly, a black wig and ginger beard, the pop star pretends to be Ellen’s hopeless backstage security guard. How no one guesses his black wig is faux, we have no idea!

3. Adele and Ellen’s Jamba Juice prank

Everyone knows the Grammy Award winner has one of the best singing voices of all time, but not many are aware of her epic pranking talents! Adele and Ellen (one again) team up in this hilarious prank at the Warner Bros Studio Store. With Ellen whispering in her ear via a microphone, Adele places a bizarre order at Jamba Juice followed by a Mary Poppins ordeal, pulling random objects out of her bag, including a sneaky flask! You have to see the worker’s faces as the prank unfolds, they’re priceless!

4. Jennifer Lawrence’s snob interview prank

Usually known for her relaxed interview style, J.Law completely flips her bubbly personality on its head in this interview for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2. With her team of pranksters telling her how to act through an earpiece, Lawrence goes haywire, giving us one of the best performances of her life. We can’t imagine how cut the interviewer must have felt!

5. Kendall Jenner’s pregnancy prank on Kim Kardashian-West

The 20-year-old model shows us her cheeky side in this pregnancy prank on her half-sister Kim Kardashian-West. Kendall Jenner tees up with her other half-sister, Khloe Kardashian, for the prank and Kim’s response is totally unexpected. Jenner calls the mum of two in confidence to tell her she’s pregnant and Kim, being the “selfless” person she is, goes on to tell her younger sis she’s too tired to talk right now.. Wow! So supportive Kimmy!

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6. Hamish and Andy's dinosaur prank

The radio show hosts never cease to entertain us with their hilarious jokes, but this prehistoric prank on their colleagues is one we’ll never forget. The pair get someone to dress up as a scarily realistic velociraptor and wait in their building’s carpark for their work mates to come down. Their reactions are absolutely gold. One woman even wet her pants a little!

7. Joe Jonas’ fan prank on Hailee Steinfeld

During an Australian radio interview, Hailee Steinfeld gets a funny call from an awkward fan. Little does she know it’s her stage buddy Joe Jonas fooling her on the other end. Watch the video to listen to their cringe-worthy conversation!

8. Kyle and Jackie O's 'Wong Number' prank call

Nothing beats a hilarious prank call, especially when it’s radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O behind the joke. Jackie O calls up to order takeaway dinner then puts the waiter on hold to give the phone to her “husband” to order more. Little does the poor guy on the phone know what Jackie O was up to. Watch and find out!

9. Hailey Baldwin epic ‘lost phone’ prank on Kendall Jenner

This time Jenner isn’t the one doing the prank, she’s the one getting pranked! Her bestie Hailey Baldwin decided to get up to no good during an interview and prank one of her friends. Jenner just so happened to call Baldwin on her mobile during the interview and things just went downhill from there. Jenner has no idea she she’s getting pranked but surprisingly plays it like a boss though.


10. Britney Spears and Neil Patrick Harris’ hilarious prank on Brit’s body guard

A prank with Neil Patrick Harris and Britney Spears? This has got to be good! The How I Met Your Mother actor is behind the joke here, spilling words into Britney’s headset while she’s on stage rehearsing with her new bodyguard. The noughties pop star gives the guy a hard time, trying to see if he’s up to the task of protecting her by throwing him into strange situations. He handles the prank like a pro.

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