Beyonce fans are convinced she's in labour

Emma Shepherd

Beyonce has sent fans into a social media meltdown after reports surfaced of unusually heightened security around a Los Angeles hospital on Tuesday.

"Her security staff were carrying two baby seats to a medical centre earlier that day," insiders told HollywoodLife.

There was fevered speculation Beyonce was at an LA hospital to give birth on Tuesday. Source: Getty

Bey and Jay Z's twins were reportedly due this week, and it's causing a stir amongst fans and the general public.

“Beyonce’s due date was yesterday and she has been seeing her OB/GYN on a regular basis at a different location. This trip to this hospital is unique,” the insider told HollywoodLife.

The New York Daily News reports, "Sources at Melba’s restaurant in Harlem told us that [Bey and Jay's friend] DJ Khaled was spreading word on Tuesday evening that he’d heard that it was a done deal”.

Bey's due date was yesterday so everyone's getting excited to see the twins! Source: Getty

They also reported that a staff member at Jay Z's night club 40/40 had confirmed that the couple welcomed a boy and girl into the world.

Twitter fans sparked a frenzy with people posting the news that the 35-year-old singer was in labour.

Twits: There was frenzied fan speculation over whether she was really in labour. Source: Twitter

One fan said: "I just need a heads up from Beyonce and the twins on when they plan to break the internet so I can cancel all my plans in advance."

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While another said: "Did Beyonce already have the twins or is she only in labor bc if i share a birthday with them i will *die*".

Hurry up and tell us, Beyonce!

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