Beyonce sparks breastfeeding concerns

Elise Solé

Beyoncé has whipped up a bit of a storm this weekend after sharing a photo of herself drinking a glass of wine.

The image was taken at Sushi Park in West Hollywood where she dined with husband Jay-Z.

Bey shared this photo of her date night with Jay Z. Photo: Instagram

Beyonce – who gave birth to twins Sir and Rumi in June – dressed in a stunning $484 Alexis wrap dress that shows off her décolletage and gold necklaces, but her fans were more interested in the glass of red in her hand.

Apart from the plenty of “Drunk in Love” jokes, one follower said, “But how can you drink if you breastfeed? Let’s hope it’s iced tea”.

“Sooo, she’s not breastfeeding?” and “People don’t know if she pumped before she went out and can have a drink or two while feeding”, others remarked.

She gave birth to twins Sir and Rumi in June. Photo: Instagram

The studies regarding breastfeeding and alcohol consumption aren’t clear-cut.

The American Academy of Paediatrics advises mums to avoid routine consumption of alcohol and to wait two hours after drinking to breastfeed in order to allow alcohol levels time to decline.

That two-hour window is one reason the “pump and dump” method (emptying the breast after drinking so the baby doesn’t consume any milk with alcohol) isn’t a popular option for many women.

Bey was on a well-deserved date night with Jay Z. Photo: Instagram

“We aren’t absolutely certain of the affects of alcohol on breastfed babies because the data isn’t strong,” Tami Rowen, MD, a San Francisco-based gynaecologist and obstetrician, told Yahoo Beauty.

“All the studies are observational or retrospective because it’s unethical to give breastfeeding women alcohol in order to study them.”

No matter how Bey is feeding her babies, one thing is clear: These are two cool parents-of-three making the most of date night.

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