Bi-gender model spends $10k to look like a doll

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Meet the Bi-gender model who has spent more than $12,500 to live as both male and female at the same time.

Aria Veach, 29, from Los Angeles in California, USA, now takes hormones that contain oestrogen and testosterone so she can live as both of the sexes.

“I live as a full-time woman outwardly now, I do have the male Y chromosome, but I’m happy with who I am now,” Aria says.

“I love the feminising effects of oestrogen but also the pleasure I can give to a woman with the body that I have as a man.”

Aria lives as both a female and male. Photo: Aria Veach/Caters News

Aria started transitioning three-years-ago, while living as a male catwalk and catalogue model called Alexander believing she was born in the wrong body.

But over time, she realised she wanted to keep her male organs for sex and now lives on a delicate balance using both hormones.

“I don’t feel the need to change my sexuality by surgery. I’m at a stage with the hormones where I feel comfortable living as both male and female, I’m scared of going further for fear of losing my sexual function,” she says.

“I’m interested in the futuristic form for humanity, one that includes both genders in one self and that’s why I’m taking oestrogen.

“I don’t feel any less fit in a Darwinian sense, I have frozen my best sperm and am looking much younger than I did five years ago.

“I want to live as both male and female, I know my brain has changed a lot and I believe it has been altered for the better by taking hormones."

Aria used to work as a male model named Alexander before she started her transition. Photo: Aria Veach/Caters News

Aria’s spent up to $12,556 making herself hair-free, maintaining her feminizing and anti-aging hormones as well as using Viagra.

But her choice to live as both a man and woman, has led her to suffer transphobia discrimination.

“I have accepted being both part man and part woman,” says Aria, who is also a biomedical engineer.

“Everyone is so polarised, they believe a person has to be either man or woman, which is wrong, they are not familiar with the gender spectrum.”

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She also says living as both man and woman has made it difficult for her to have long-lasting relationships.

“There’s a huge stigma against transgender dating, I’m not taken seriously for dating or marriage,” she says.

“It’s rare to find someone who will be interested in a serious relationship with someone like me.

“A lot of people don’t want anything serious, just physical, I’ve dated women but love takes time, so they have to be open minded.”

Aria lives as a woman but has not had gender surgery. Photo: Aria Veach/Caters News

Aria believes a lot of the discrimination towards people who live in both genders stem from the porn industries portrayal of ‘she-males’.

“My reasonings are different from a lot of other people, most are in the sex industry not the corporate world like myself,” she says.

“I came to the realisation that I can’t change my genetics, they speak loudly for what I am and what I am not, nor can I use plastic to change my genetics.”

Aria intends to utilise being both ‘male and female’ to help her career in modelling and acting in the future.

She is part of the Plastics of Hollywood, the world’s first ‘real life doll house’ of characters that have collectively spent in excess of $3.7m and are set for a TV show to follow their antics.

The cast include Argentine ‘momager’ Marcela Iglesias, Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves, Kim Kardashian doppelganger Jennifer Pamplona, Alien doll Vinny Ohh, Britney wannabe Bryan Ray and more.

Marcela Iglesias, Manager of the Plastics of Hollywood, said: “Aria is different from the rest as she’s not focused on plastic surgery currently.”

“She is my bigender doll, some days she’s Aria and other days she’s Alex, she has to live by what she wants and what she feels.

“She’s so smart that when she talks the other dolls sometimes don’t understand, she’s a biomedical engineer and brings ideas the other dolls may never had thought about.

“When I first met Aria she wanted plastic surgery to help her in the transition process, but now she’s in the middle and uncertain about going fully female.

“I expressed that she needs to find out what she want to do with her life and body, if she feels good being a man sometimes, why not live as both male and female.

“Aria is one of my special dolls, I like her character and personality a lot.”

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