Bieber Just Forgot The Words To His Own Christmas Song

Jessica Clark

There's nothing more awkward than forgetting the words to a song mid-performance...especially when it's your own Christmas hit.

Just ask Justin Bieber, who was performing for a group of fans in Toronto, Canada, when he seemed to forget what he was supposed to be singing.

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The 21-year-old was attempting to serenade the crowd with his Christmas hit, Christmas Eve (from his Under The Mistletoe album, for those of you playing at home), when he stopped in the middle of a verse.

"What the f**k are the words?" he laughed, looking around the stage for help.

Here's hoping Justin Bieber gets an autocue for Christmas...Photo: Getty Images

"I'll go the second verse...." he said, attempting to save the song from becoming a total train wreck.

The crowd didn't seem to mind though, who still laughed and cheered during the gig.

This isn't the first time a high-profile singer has slipped up mid-song...Miley Cyrus was performing with legendary rockers U2 last week, when she was forced to ask Bono to help her with the words.

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