Mayim Bialik: Post Cat Pics, Not Nude Selfies

Raechal Leone Shewfelt, editing by Yahoo7 Staff
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The Big Bang Theory actress has been tasked with selecting her five favourite cat pictures, which, as anyone who's ever browsed the Internet knows, is not easy.

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Bialik has teamed up with PetSmart Charities to encourage cat adoption in the #meowOUT Yourself Contest. The contest is meant to shatter the spinster stereotype of the cat lady by showing all kinds of cat owners doing fun and amazing stuff with their felines in photos hashtagged #meowOUT, from which she will choose.

Bialik, 39, wanted to get involved because she and her sons, 9-year-old Miles and Fred, 6, have an adopted Tabby cat named Francis.

Mayim with her cat, Francis. Photo: Instagram

"We think she probably was feral," says Bialik, who appeared at L.A.'s first CatCon - a festival for cat lovers - ver the weekend.

"It took her a very long time to warm up, but she's taught me and also my boys a lot about patience...She's awesome. She's been in our life for almost seven years, and she's a different cat than any other cat I've had. We always had adopted cats my whole life, and I was always able to pick them up and lift them and play with their ears and things. She's much more gentle with the way she doles out her affection."

The actress appeared at CatCon - a festival for cat lovers - over the weekend in L.A. Photo: Getty Images

However, Bialik does much more than just click through cat photos online.

The former Blossom star also keeps a blog about parenting and her Jewish faith at a Jewish parenting website, Kveller. There, Bialik writes about everything from mourning her father's recent death to her thoughts about the new movie Mad Max: Fury Road, and her struggles to breastfeed.

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Of course, Bialik's views are sometimes criticised, particularly her thoughts on the philosophy of attachment parenting. She's learned to deal with the haters by simply ignoring them.

"A lot of what I do is not read comments, unfortunately, and I feel bad for the people who post nice things," she explains. "But I've definitely experienced a lot of bad stuff and a lot of anti-Semitic stuff, and that's kind of scary to me. I try and write things that I think will be helpful to people... I was raised with a very strong Jewish ethic of repairing the world, and that's everyone's responsibility. We can repair the world one small act at a time. That's what I was taught and I guess that's what I try and do. Just by sharing my experience and making the world a smaller place."

Bialik's advice? Less nude pics, more cat pics! Photo: Instagram

Bialik, who has written two books and happens to hold a doctorate in neuroscience from UCLA, also has a few more words of wisdom for this season's grads.

"Just know that every decision you make and all the choices you make will have an impact on the rest of your life," she says.

"Don't post naked pictures of yourself on the Internet. That's never going to be good. Even if you think you're just sending it to one person, it's probably not a good idea."

Better just to share another cat photo!

Raechal Leone Shewfelt writes for Yahoo Celebrity