Big Brother star Sara-Marie Fedele is unrecognisable

Emma Shepherd

Sara-Marie Fedele was one of the most memorable contestants of the very first Australian Big Brother.

Rewind to the 2001 series, and you'll most likely remember that infectious bum-dance that became a nation-wide dance-craze everyone knew and loved.

The unforgettable bubbly blonde — who was known for her trademark bunny ears and her signature pyjamas — danced her way through the series and ended in third place overall in the series, which was won by Ben Williams.

Sara-Marie back in 2001 on Big Brother with a fellow contestant wearing her trademark bunny ears and signature pyjamas. Source: Supplied
Sara-Marie's Big Brother promo pic from 2001 sporting her peroxide-blonde hair. Source: Supplied

Now the 39-year-old reality-star has appeared on Channel Ten's Studio 10, and is almost unrecognisable.

Her peroxide-blonde locks were replaced with luminous long brunette waves and a slender frame.

After taking a break from the spotlight the bouncy brunette made her debut as a guest panelist sitting alongside Jessica Rowe, Joe Hilderbrand and Natarsha Belling.

Sara-Marie joined the Studio 10 panel as a guest to reminisce on her time in the Big Brother house. Source: Supplied
She opened up about life after Big Brother and life as a mum. Source: Supplied

“Now I’m a mum,” she told the panellists, “I have a daughter [who is three years old]. I’ve just enjoyed being a mother and I’ve created my own online business. It’s been 17 years so I’ve done a lot.”

And the best part of her appearance was when she whipped out her signature move, the bum dance with Jessica Rowe. See below.

We love you Sara-Marie.

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