Bindi Needs To Prove 'Dad Is Dead' To Get Paid

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According to TMZ, the legal hiccup came up when lawyers for the hit US TV show Dancing with the Stars submitted a minor's contract for the 17-year-old.

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While Bindi's mum Terri signed a release stating she gives up all rights to any money her daughter will make on the program, the judge also wants one from her father.

The court proceedings also reveal the motza Bindi will make from the top-rating show.

Bindi, who is still performing strongly in week eight, was guaranteed $US125,000 ($A174,886.32).

Each week she stays in, the more cash she makes and so far she has collected $US230,000.

According to court documents, after week three she received $US10,000 per week.

After week five she pocketed $US15,000 per week, then weeks seven and eight $US20,000 a week and in week eight and nine $US30,000 a week.

If, as her high scores suggest, she makes it to week 10 and 11 she gets $US50,000 a week.

Lawyers from the show plan to prove the Crocodile Hunter did die in 2006 from a stingray barb.

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