Bizarre new lipstick to help with your period

Allison Yee

Dealing with your period is no fun at all, and we as chocolate-loving, cramp-hating women are open to trying anything – and we mean anything – to make it easier.

Well, that’s what we thought before we heard of the Mensez Feminine Lip-stick.

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If you haven’t heard of the Lip-stick, get ready to have your mind blown. But not in a good way.

In simple terms this new product is a concoction of amino acids and oils in a lipstick applicator that you apply to um, seal yourself up during your period.

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“When applied to the labia minora, it creates a temporary adhesion to retain menstrual fluids inside until urination,” the Mensez website explains.

“The urine instantly releases the connection and everything washes away into the toilet. It's safe and secure for the user.”

Developer Dr Dopps claims this lipstick can be used instead of tampons or pads. Photo: Twitter

The brainchild of Dr. Daniel Dopps, the CEO and President at Mensez Technologies, the product isn’t on the market yet, but according to The Daily Haze, Dr Dopps has patented the idea and the product is in development.

Needless to say, social media has gone into meltdown, especially at the way Dr Dopps has decided to sell his product.

The lipstick is said to keep your period blood inside until you urinate. Photo: Getty images

“Have you ever woken up with your lips stuck together? It didn’t hurt and and was kind of fun. All you had to do was to wet your lips from the inside with saliva and they became unstuck,” reads a Mensez Facebook post.

“That is the principle behind Mensez and a revolutionary safer solution for women to control their periods with the need for tampons, pads, vag cups, or period panties.”

Dr Dopps' controversial marketing for the product has seen the company's Facebook page being deleted. Photo: Facebook

Ummm, what?

We’ll keep you updated if this product actually hits the shelves, but maybe don’t hold your breath.

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