Bizarre moment sushi ‘waves’ at diner

Allison Yee

When it comes to sushi, fresh is best – but what if it’s so fresh, it looks like it’s still alive?

One diner has shared a video of their surf clam sushi that appears to sit up off the rice and ‘wave’ at them.

Twitter user shoumizo3446 filmed the clip while dining out in Kishiwada in Japan, with the clam at first appearing to move slowly while perched on the rice.

The surf clam sushi appears to be still alive when placed in front of the diner. Photo: Twitter/shoumizo3446

After a few gentle prods with a pair of chopsticks, the clam looks to move even more.

The bizarre sight has shocked the internet, with the video watched over five million times.

Would you eat sushi that's still alive? Photo: Instagram/shoumizo3446

According to the Sun, the item is called 'Iki Hokkigai' with 'hokkigai' referring to the surf clam, and the 'iki' meaning the sushi was prepared using live seafood.

This isn't the only food trend for diners to chow down on super fresh seafood.

In Korea, Sannakji sees customers facing a bowl of fresh octopus that has been chopped into small pieces, and served while still moving.

"The ultimate test of food adventure is to eat food that is trying to escape from you," reports.

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