Bizarre police identikit has Twitter seeing double

Allison Yee

We’re used to seeing some pretty interesting identikits but one UK police effort has taken the cake after it prompted a hilarious reaction from Twitter.

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Lincolnshire Police released the image of the suspected flasher, urging anyone with any info to come forward.

With his bald head, sunken eyes and thin lips, it wasn’t long before social media took flight with those who saw more than a few Hollywood lookalikes in the image.

Source: Giphy

“It’s Gollum”, wrote another user on Facebook.

Source: Giphy

With the image also drawing comparisons to The Simpsons character Mr Burns and former host of UK gameshow Crystal Maze, Richard O’Brien, this isn’t the first time the station’s identikits have drawn attention.

UK gameshow host Richard also had his name thrown into the lookalike mix. Photo: Getty

In June, they posted this image of a man accused of attempted robbery – who also bore more than a passing resemblance to cartoon character, He-Man.

Previous identikits have had similar treatment on social media. Photo: Facebook/Youtube

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