Bizarre surgery trend to look like Melania and Ivanka

Georgie Darling

Move over, Kylie Jenner, because there’s a new heavily sought after celebrity face in town, and it’s definitely one we weren’t expecting.

Big lips seem to be on the way out, and in their place, high cheekbones and small noses. More specifically, those belonging to Melania and Ivanka Trump.

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Norman Rowe, a surgeon on the Upper East Side of New York, told the New York Post he’s seeing at least one woman a week who wants to look like the female Trumps.

But with costs starting at $37,000, it’s something that only the most serious of wannabe Trump lookalikes can afford.

They have two very different looks - but women everywhere are clamouring to look like Melania and Ivanka. Photo: Getty

The worst part? Coughing up over $25,000 for temporary fillers and botox to look like Ivanka Trump won’t even set you up for life – the treatment only lasts for an estimated three to six months.

For those who want a longer lasting fix, the cost is even higher. Spending $50,000 to $63,000 can buy you cheek implants and a nose job so you can rival the First Lady’s daughter in what Rowe calls “The permanent Ivanka”.

Would you spend thousands to look like the first lady? Photo: Getty

A quick fix on the cheeks or nose might help achieve a Trump-ish look, but Dr Franklin Rose, a surgeon in Houston, Texas, is offering the full package – the “Melania makeover”. It includes everything from rhinoplasty, liposuction, a Brazilian buttock lift and an eyelid lift, meaning the only thing that’ll differ between you and Melania is the White House.

One woman who isn't a fan of surgery? The FLOTUS, who last year swore she was

The female Trumps may be the new up and coming plastic surgery trend, but we can rest assured that Donald isn’t following suit anytime soon. According to the New York Post, Dr Rowe reveals the POTUS isn't high on the copycat list. “No, I’ve never had anybody come in and say, ‘Make me into a Donald!’” said Dr Rose.

Don’t speak so soon.

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