Blake and Louise reveal real reason for their split

Jessica Clark
Yahoo7 Entertainment

Sometimes, love just wasn't mean to last...just ask Bachelor lovers Blake Garvey and Louise Pillidge.

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The couple announced their split earlier this week, and sat down for an exclusive interview with Today Tonight to talk about the breakup.

"Louise and I have decided to call an end to our relationship," Blake told the show, calling the breakup "unfortunate".

Garvey described his relationship with Louise as 'suffocating' to New Idea magazine. Photo: Instagram

The pair - who came under media scrutiny when Blake proposed to Sam Frost on the show's finale, before dumping her for third-runner up Louise weeks later - say the constant attention was a major factor in their decision to part ways.

Garvey revealed that he had suffered bouts of depression since the show finished airing last year, and said he and Louise had both experienced 'acute anxiety' from the intense scrutiny from the media and the public.

The pair sought counselling for three months before calling it quits. Photo: Instagram

"You get looks and you know that you’re starting a series of conversations in the room just because you’ve entered it," he said.

So why be so public about the breakup?

"It’s such a personal and a private thing, but we know that we’re public figures whether we like it or not and we have to make an announcement," Blake said.

"I am very sad that it has happened this way," added Louise.

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