Bloody Shiraz Gin? Yes, it's a thing

Leah Cohen

When life gives a distiller excess shiraz grapes, he makes Bloody Shiraz Gin!

Victoria’s Four Pillars gin distillery did just that when they found themselves swimming in a surplus of more than 200 kilograms of Yarra Valley shiraz grapes.

Say hello to the hottest gin in town, Bloody Shiraz Gin. Photo: Instagram

The region’s cool climate makes it perfect for growing grapes, but they’re not typically used in gin.

Four Pillars’ head distiller, Cameron Mackenzie, is taking the spirit to new heights by mixing whole Yarra Valley shiraz grapes with their Rare Dry Gin.

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The grapes are de-stemmed, steeped in gin for eight weeks in cold tanks and stirred daily. The fruit is then pressed before being topped off with more gin.

The result? The perfect winter warmer that packs a purple punch with 37.8 per cent alcohol.

Cozy up this Saturday night with this purple beauty. Photo: Instagram

According to the company's website, the Bloody Shiraz Gin is incredibly rich, smells of aromatic pine needles, pepper, citrus and spice and is sweet on the palate with a raspberry and juniper twang.

The wine cross gin creation tastes sweet like raspberries and smells of citrus and spice. Photo: Instagram

Apparently it’s best drunk straight, but when the gin is diluted with tonic or soda, its colour turns a vibrant pink, making it ideal for an out-there cocktail.

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So what are you waiting for? The weekend is fast approaching and Bloody Shiraz Gin is looking like it’s on the cards.

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