Bored lads recreate sexy selfie while waiting for girlfriends

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Two cheeky lads decided to kit themselves out in ridiculous outfits including tin foil and iPhone cables after getting bored while waiting for their lady friends to get ready.

James Davies and Alex Bellis had been waiting for James' girlfriend Ginelle Alvares and her best mate Gemma Yeadon to get ready for a night out when they received a selfie from the two to show off their outfit choices.

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"Ginelle and her friend Gemma had come up from Newcastle to Liverpool to celebrate Gemma's 24th birthday,” said James.

"I was sat in my flat drinking with Alex as we had planned to join them later on. They hadn't text us for ages because they were getting ready so we were just waiting for them to get in touch so we knew what the plans were. Then this picture came through.”

Ginelle (right) and Gemma took ages to get ready... and their boys rebelled. Photo: Caters

After seeing the picture, the two jokers decided to prank the ladies with a mock selfie of themselves “clashing” with them ahead of the night out in Liverpool after getting bored waiting for them to get ready.

"Alex just turned around to me and said he knew something funny we could do," said James.

"He told me and I just thought what a brilliant idea. Alex has a really quick wit. He comes up with the funny ideas and I come up with the logic behind it.

"We just ran around and grabbed whatever we could. I wrapped tinfoil around my neck to look like one of those chokers and he just wrapped a phone lead round him.

"We took our arms out of our sleeves and taped our t-shirts to ourselves to look like dresses and then we tried to pose for the picture.

"It was great because we already had the same colours on as the girls so it worked really well.

James (right) and Alex did a pretty epic job recreating the selfie - pouts and all. Photo: Caters

When we first sent the message and they didn’t reply, I thought the message hadn't been received and the effort would have been wasted.

"Then when we met up with them they were laughing at us."

Ginelle, 22, admits that her boyfriend of four years and Alex always mess around, and when she received the text she just laughed it off.

"To be fair I wasn’t surprised at all when we received the text,” she said.

The resemblences were uncanny. Photo: Caters

"They always do things like this, they're always messing around. It’s like they are a double act.

"I couldn't believe how quickly they turned it around and that they even had the same colours on as us.

"I didn’t even know whether to show it Gemma at first, I thought she'd just think they were idiots.

"But I showed it to her and she just thought it was brilliant."

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