Woman's hilarious texts from boyfriend she sent to buy leggings

Sarah Carty

Most boyfriends avoid shopping at all costs, especially when it involves a woman’s quest to find a particular outfit for a big occasion.

But Tim Goddard thought he had taken an easy way out when he told his other half that he would pick up a pair of leggings for her at the shops, to save her time.

However, he found out the hard way that there’s not just one universal pair of leggings all women go for and the task his girlfriend, Taylor-Anne Gallagher gave him, was actually way bigger than he thought.

Taylor-Anne Gallagher has shared the hilarious texts she got from her boyfriend, Tim Goddard, when she sent him out shopping for leggings. Photo: Twitter/Taylor-Anne Gallagher

“There’s so many types of leggings. Why? For what reason”, Tim started the hilarious text thread.

“Do you want ankle length or ones that don’t say ankle length?

“Do you need ones with zips? Why do some have zips? This is incredible.”

Just when he thought he had spotted the perfect pair he realised that they all have different thicknesses and then he admitted he felt “overwhelmed”.

“I’m on the floor in the foetal position. Send help,” he texted Taylor-Anne.

“I’ve been in this shop for five days now. I miss the sun.”

The texts went on, with Tim getting more and more desperate until he says that “all hope is lost” and he’s going to “make a run for it”.

Needless to say, Taylor-Anne thought the whole thing was absolutely hilarious and posted the texts to Twitter.

His texts have gone viral online. Photo: Twitter/Taylor-Anne Gallagher
He just couldn't understand why there were so many leggings available. Photo: Twitter/Taylor-Anne Gallagher

Since then, it’s been liked over 60,000 times, with people totally empathizing with Tim.

Most people just wanted to know how the whole thing ended and if Taylor-Anne ever got her leggings.

“He did. Thick warm ones from H&M which I wore today,” she tweeted.

As for Tim, he said he “made it out but I'm not 100% convinced I'm not still in a coma”.

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