70% of braces wearers need them again 10 years later

Sarah Carty

If you spent not only a lot of money but a whole heap of time on braces in your teens but your teeth have moved beyond recognition now, then we might know what happened.

Chances are, if you’ve had braces you’ll have had perfect teeth by the end of the process and wanted to flaunt them all for the world to see.

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But remember that pesky retainer your dentist told you to wear every night for a few months after the treatment?

It turns out you should be wearing your retainer for life. Photo: Getty Images

Well it turns out you need to wear it for a lot longer than that.

According to Metro, the British Orthodontic Society have claimed that not only should you be putting that retainer in your mouth every night, but you should actually be doing it for life.

The society claims that if you want teeth that don’t move and won’t cost you a penny more than you should be wearing your retainer for the rest of your life.

The research conducted suggested that up to 70 per cent of customers who had braces over a one or two year period were back in the dentist’s chair ten years later needing more work.

Speaking to the Daily Mail consultant orthodontist Simon Littlewood said teeth move as we get older, meaning retainers aren’t just a short-term device anymore.

70 per cent of people who wore braces for one or two years need to see their dentist again 10 years later. Photo: Getty Images

“In the past, we used to think that once patients reached a certain age, their teeth would eventually be stable,” he said.

“Now we know that’s not true, there is potential for teeth to keep moving throughout life – it’s almost like a normal ageing phenomenon.”

It’s time to dig out those retainers from whatever drawer they’ve been stuffed in for the past 10 years.

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