Brad takes 'high road' against Ange

Amy Stevenson

The public war of words may have ended, but Brad Pitt and Angeina Jolie are still in a fierce divorce battle behind closed doors.

With the 42-year-old actress launching what some called a strategic PR move against Brad after filing for divorce last year, her partner of 12 years hit back, opening up about their split and new family dynamic in a revealing and candid GQ profile.

Brad is not here for Ange's pettiness. Source: Getty

But it seems Ange has once again spilled the tea and thrown subtle shade at her ex in the Vanity Fair cover interview she did last month, telling the mag she and the couple's six kids are "just healing from the events that led to the filing... they’re not healing from divorce. They’re healing from some... from life, from things in life."

And now sources close to Brad tell InTouch the 53-year-old isn't happy with Ange's choice of words, as she continues to cast him as the "villain".

"It’s Angelina’s pointed way of saying that the kids are healing from Brad. And he’s hurt. He feels she’s still making him out to be the villain and can’t stand that," the insider told the outlet.

Ange threw shade at Brad during her Vanity Fair cover interview. Source: Getty
Ange and Brad split last September. Source: Getty

After shocking Hollywood last September by filing for divorce, Ange released a statement saying her decision to end her marriage to the War Machine actor was "for the health of the family", with reports she was leaking court documents that painted Brad as an unfit parent as the engaged in a bitter custody battle over their brood.

And while the former golden couple eventually agreed to keep proceedings behind closed doors, the insider adds that Angelina isn't ready to back down as they finalise their divorce.

"The jabs are just going to continue. Angie did it after the plane incident and will use any platform to try to make Brad look bad," the source continued.

"She still has so much lingering anger over the divorce and her failure to secure sole custody of the kids after he was cleared of any wrongdoing."

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Brad is taking the high road. Source: Getty

However Brad isn't ready to stoop to pettiness, with InTouch adding that the actor is "taking the high road" while his soon-to-be ex-wife takes jabs at him in the public forum.

"Angie takes some strong shots at Brad... but he’s keeping quiet about it and soldiering on. He is taking the high road once again, but it’s very challenging."

"He feels like Angelina did a lot of acting to portray him as the bad guy and to blame him for tearing the family apart.

"He’s rising above it. He’s gone through recovery and done a lot of healing and self-improvement over the past nine months. Brad knows he’s in a good place with the kids, and that’s all that matters to him."

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